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Branches facial nerve

Branches at the Geniculate ganglion 
  • Greater superficial Petrosal nerve -supplies secretomotor fibers to lacrimal gland
Braches of Vertical mastoid segment
  • Nerve to stapedius
  • Chorda tympani -arise 5 mm above the stylomastoid foramen, carry taste sensation from anterior 2/3rd of tongue. It supplies secretomotor fibers to submandibular and sublingual gland
Branches at the level of Stylomastoid foramen
  • Posterior auricular braches-supplies occipitalis and auricular muscles
  • Digastric – Posterior belly of digastric
  • Stylohyoid supplies stylohyoid muscle
Branches in the Parotid region 
Temporofacial  branch
  • Temporal
  • Zygomatic
  • Upper buccal
Cervicofacial branch
  • Lower buccal
  • Mandibular
  • Cervical.
They supply muscles of face, scalp, and platysma.