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How to examine for Radial pulse:an OSCE guide

Radial artery pulse is located on the lateral of the wrist , it can also be found in the anatomical snuff box
The radial pulse is palpated immediately above the wrist joint near the base of the thumb (i.e., common site), or in the anatomical snuff box (i.e., alternative site), by gently pressing the radial artery against the underlying bone with the middle and index fingers.
Clinical significance
The examination of radial pulse is very useful in the following condition
Radioradial delay-seen in thoracic inlet syndrome and takayasu disease
Radiofemoaral delay in Coarctation of aorta
How examine for radial pulse
  • Semipronate the forearm,
  • Flex the wrist
  • Feel the pulse near the wrist,
Comment on the following
Rate, rhythm, character, volume.
Character of the vessel wall.
Palpability of all vessels,
Radio-femoral delay.

This is very important for students preparing for USMLE and MRCP