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How to examine exanthematous (rash) lesions-OSCE guide

Examination of exanthematous (rash) lesions
Elicit History
a. Duration of prodromal symptoms (including fever).
b. Onset and progression.
c. History of an epidemic in the locality.
Inspection and Palpation
1. Expose the patient adequately.
2. Ensure good lighting.
3. Observe and note down:
  • Involvement of oral mucosa, conjunctiva and external genitalia.
  • Distribution: centripetal, centrifugal, segmental.
  • Stage of the lesions: macule, papule, vesicle, pustule, scabs, combined or crops.
  • Regional lymphadenopathy.
Comment on:
Probable diagnosis.
Specific test to confirm diagnosis.

These steps are very imporatant for students who prepare for USMLE and  MRCP examinations