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How to examine an erythematous lesions the OSCE guide

1. Expose the skin adequately.
2. Use natural lighting.
3. Examine lor blanching on compression with a glass slide.
4. Comment on site, number, size and blanching on compression.
5. Tell the probable diagnosis.
1. Blanching on compression occurs in erythema, telangiectasia, spider naevi and partially in senile
angiomas. Blanching does not occur in purpura.
2. Purpura is a term used for collection of blood in the skin.
  • Petechiae are pin-point haemorrhages in the dermis.
  • Ecchymosis is a large subcutaneous collection of blood.
  • Haematoma is deeper and forms a palpable swelling.

These steps are very important for students preparing for USMLE and MRCP