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Examination of Subcutaneous Nodule or Swelling an OSCE guide

Elicit History
Duration, mode of onset, progression, assoeiutcd pain and
Number, site, shape, colour, surface, edge, pulsation.
Impulse on coughing and skin over the swelling.
a. Local rise of temperature, tenderness, size, shape, surface, edge or margin, consistency.
b. Fluctuation, translucency. reducibility.
c. Impulse on coughing, mobility, anatomical plane and fixity, pulsation and thrills.
Percussion or Auscultation
In relevant cases.
Regional Examination
For lymph nodes, muscle wasting, bony erosion, sensory deficits and absence of pulse.
Comment on—probable diagnosis/aetiology.

These steps are very important for students preparing for USMLE and MRCP