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Surface marking of Liver

Surface marking of upper border of liver
Upper border of right lobe corresponds to the level of 5th rib, 2.5 cm medial to the right midclavicular line.
  • 5th Right intercostal space - Midclavicular line
  • 7th Right intercostal space – Midaxillary line
  • 9th Right intercostal space - scapular line -Inferior angle of scapula
Upper border of left lobe is at the level of 6th rib in left mid clavicular line.
In men, it corresponds to a line joining a point about 1 cm below the right nipple to a point about 2 cm below the left nipple.
Surface marking of lower border of liver 
Lower border  follows the right costal margin, in the epigastrium, it is from the tip of the 9th Right costal cartilage to the tip of the 8th costal cartilage on the left by an oblique line midway between the xiphisternum and umbilicus.
The left lobe extends to the left of the sternum about 5cm.