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Inverted Reflexes clinical significance

Invertion of Radial Reflex
  • On eliciting the supinator jerk, the following response is observed
  • There is absence of flexion of  elbow, 
  • Instead there is brisk finger flexion,
  • Biceps jerk is absent and the triceps jerk is exaggerated. The presence of this lesion suggest this the
  • Lesion at  C5>C6 segment.
Invertion of Biceps Reflex
  • On eliciting bicep reflex the following are noticed 
  • There is no flexion at the elbow
  • But instead there is extension at the elbow' due contraction of the triceps muscle.
  • Presence of this  reflex indicates that the lesion is at the level of C5 segment
Invertion of Knee Reflex
  • On eliciting the knee jerk you can observe the following
  • There is no extension of the knee joint 
  • But instead there is flexion of the knee due to contraction of the hamstring muscles. 
  • Presence of this indicates that the lesion is at the level of L3, 4