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What is Equivocal Babinski Sign?

Plantar response is a very important clinical sign in neurology which indicate pyramidal tract lesion
Equivocal babiski sign is an incomplete response.Occur when all the omponents of extensor plantar response is not manifested.
Plantar response is said to be equivocal in following situations:
  • There is a rapid but brief extension of toes at first,which is followed by flexion or predominant flexion' followed by extension.
  • There is only extension of great toe or extension of great toe with flexion of other toes
  • There is no response to plantar stimulation, particularly if there is paralysis of dorsiflexors.
  • There may be flexion of knee and hip with no movement of toes.
  • There is only fanning out of toes and there is no movement of big toe
  • Absent plantar response on the hemiplegic sign and flexor response on the normal side.This may be an early sign of Cerebrovascular accident
Todays equivocal response may be tomorrows extensor response.