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What are the causes of absent Abdominal reflex ?

Absent abdominal reflex is observed in the following condition
Corticospinal tract lesion but it may not be absent in all case
Fatiguable Abdominal
Subtle corticospinal tract lesion
Defects of technique, relaxation, or observation- Tense abdomen
A break in the appropriate reflex arc
  • Motor root
  • Sensory root
  • Peripheral nerve-It can occur due to lesions such as herpes-zoster, or scar due to surgical operations  that have damaged the peripheral nerves or the muscle itself.
Lax abdomen-Repeated pregnancies (multigravid woman), in patients with flaccid abdominal muscles,
Distention of abdomen (ascites, pregnancy or massive organomegaly)
Pyramidal system lesions above the upper level of segmental innervation.