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Cremasteric reflex- clinical significance

Cremasteric reflex  is a  polysynaptic reflex, the afferent fibers extend to cortex, descending fibers to anterior horn cells are through or close to pyramidal tract. Hence in pyramidal lesion, the reflex arc is disrupted. ,
Pre requisites for eliciting cremasteric reflex
  • Expose the testes
  • Stimulus is given from  above downwards
Method  of elicitation
Upper inner part of the thigh is stroked in a downward and inward direction with a blunt point, in the supine position, watch the movement of testicle and scrotum.
Response of reflex
Contraction of the this muscle pulls up the scrotum and testicle on the side examined cremasteric  muscle.The contraction of the cremasteric muscle pulls up the scrotum and the testicle upwards on the side examined
Reflex arc of cremasteric reflex
  • Afferent:Femoral nerve(Ilioinguinal nerve)
  • Segment -L2
  • Efferent:Genitofemoral
Root Value
• LI-L2
Abnormal response
  • Absence of cremasteric reflex – seen in elderly, pyramidal lesion, any break in the reflex arc
  • Local diseases like hydrocoele, epididymoorchitis
Cremasteric reflex should be differentiated from a scrotal reflex which is due to the contraction of the dartos muscle.