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Pectoral jerk -a localising neurological reflex

Pectoral reflex is an example of deep tendon reflex.
Method of eliciting pectoral reflex
Pectoral reflex is elicited by striking the index finger placed on the inferior part of the pectoralis muscle tendon ,that is  close to the insertion
Innervation  of pectoral reflex
It is innervated by C5. T1 segment of spinal cord
Clinical significance of pectoral reflex
Exaggerated in corticospinal tract lesion above C5
Myelopathy from cervical spondylosis is usually accompanied by hyperreflexia of the upper-extremity deep tendon reflexes .The presence of a hyperactive pectoralis reflex is specific for lesions of the upper cervical spinal cord. Examination of upper-extremity DTRs can also help in planning the appropriate levels for surgical decompression in patients with multilevel spondylosis and myelopathy.