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Gonda’s sign - alternative method of eliciting plantar response

Gonda’s sign: One of the alternatinve method of eliciting plantar response
This sign is named after the Ukrainian neuropsychiatrist Viktor Gonda (1889–1959),
How to elicit gonad sign?
Gonda's sign is a clinical sign in which flexing and then suddenly releasing the 4th toe elicits an extensor plantar reflex.

Clinical significance
  • Gonda's sign is a found in patients with pyramidal tract lesions, and is one of a number of Babinski-like responses.
  • These reflexes show a positive Babinski response when the reflexogenic area spreads up in the lower limb.
  • They may be useful in eliciting the Babinski response when the patients are uncooperative or in patients whose soles are extremely sensitive