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How to elicit Corneal Reflex?

How do you elicit corneal reflex ?
 Ask the patient into the distance or at the ceiling. The cornea at its conjunctival margin is touched lightly with a cotton wool which is twisted into a one hair. Normally the reflex is present .There is simultaneous closure of both the eyes. Both the eyes should be tested one by one.
The cornea is stimulated from the side to avoid menace .(Closure of the eyes is seen, if an object is brought to the patient directly from the front).
Afferent pathway — 5th cranial nerve (ophthalmic division).
Efferent pathway — 7th cranial nerve.
Response — Closure of both the eyes.
Never touch the central part of cornea because this will result in corneal ulceration in the presence of corneal anaesthesia In the absence of cotton, blowing a puff of air into each cornea will serve the purpose.