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What is the significance of hand examination in Anemia?

Following are the significance of hand examination in anemia
Nail beds and palm give an indication of presence of anaemia.
Colour ol palmar creases can give a clue to the degree of anaemia. 
When they are as pale as the surrounding skin, the haemoglobin level  is expected to be < 7 g/dl.
In ophthalmoscopy if the retina seems very pale, the haemoglobin concentration is usually < 4 g/dl.
Koilonychia gives a clue lo the type of anaemia, it is seen in  iron deficiency anaemia.
In severe anaemia, capillary pulsation may be felt.
Presence of splinter haemorrhage or osler's node points towards subacute bacterial endocarditis.
Anaemia with finger deformities may indicate underlying  rheumatoid arthritis