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Development of human Arterial System

Arterial system develop from Pharyngeal arch arteries and Aortic sac.
Aortic sac - remodels to form 2 horns, Right horn forms brachiocephalic artery, left horn forms common carotid artery

Pharyngeal arch arteries
Pharyngeal arch artery 1 and 2 undergoes regression
Pharyngeal arch artery 3 and the associated dorsal aorta form the paired internal carotid arteries, these in turn generate the external carotids
Left pharyngeal arch artery 4 becomes the the aortic arch
The paired dorsal aorta forms from the  paraxial mesoderm 
The head mesenchyme forms aortic arches

Connecting stalk contains umbilical (placental) arteries
The dorsal aortas give rise to two arteries 
  • Vitelline arteries which connect to capillaries on yolk sac
  • Intersegmental arteries located between somites
Venous System

  • Cardinal veins contribute nearly all systemic venous system.
  • Common cardinal veins is  ducts of Cuvier
  • Hepatic veins  drain de-oxygenated blood from the liver into the inferior vena cava.
  • Internal iliac vein drains to hypogastric vein