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What are the clinical features of early and predementia

PRE DEMENTIA is characterized by the following

  1. In predementia mild cognitive difficulties are present up to eight years before a person meets requirement of the clinical criteria for diagnosis of AD.
  2. The most noticeable deficit in predementia is memory loss.
  3. Subtle problems in other domains such as with the executive functions, attentiveness, planning, abstract thinking and flexibility or impairments in semantic memory can occur.
  4. Apathy is seen in predementia

  1. In early dementia there is increasing impairment of learning and memory.
  2. AD does not impair all memory capacities equally 
  3. Older memories of the person's life (episodic memory), implicit memory and facts learned (semantic memory), are impaired to a lesser degree than new facts or memories.
  4. Language problems are characterised by a decreasing vocabulary and decreased word fluency.
  5. People with AD also experience difficulties while performing fine motor tasks.
  6. Apraxia is also seen in early dementia.