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Clinical features and common causes of iron deficiency anaemia

clinical diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia is done in the following situations
1)   Patient gives H/O 'pica' (Pica is eating of strange non-nutrient items such as clay(geophagia), ice(pagophagia) ,cornstarch(amylophagia).  Pica' is also noticed in pregnancy and some psychiatric disorder.
Associated with it  chronic blood loss from G. I. tract may be seen.
2)  Presence of Anaemia.
3)  Glossitis.
4)  Angular stomatitis, cheilosis.
5)  Koilonychia.
6) Dysphagia (Plummer-Vinson syndrome or Paterson-Kelly syndrome).
7)  Mild splenomegaly, rarely.
Common causes of iron deficiency anaemia are
1)  Nutritional deficiency.
2)  Bleeding peptic ulcer.
3)  Bleeding haemorrhoids.
4)  Hookworm infestation.
5)  Malabsorption syndrome.          
6)  Menorrhagia.   

7)  Pregnancy, lactation.