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The coronary circulation

Heart is supplied by two coronary arteries
    1. Right coronary artery     (RCA)
    2. Left coronary artery       (LCA)
coronary arteries arise at the root of the aorta

Branches of coronary arteries
LCA branches -Lt An
terior Descending (LAD)
                         -Marginal Artery
                         -Circumflex Artery
RCA  branches-Marginal Artery
                          -Posterior descending branch
Left coronary artery (LCA) –Divides into Anterior Descending (LAD) and Circumflex artery

Area of blood supply
LAD (Anterior Descending Artery ) supplies: 
Anterior and apical parts of heart 
Anterior 2/3rd of interventricular septum.

Circumflex branch supplies :
The lateral and posterior surface of heart

Right coronary artery(RCA) supplies:
Right ventricle
Part of interventricular septum (posterior 1/3rd)
Inferior part of left ventricle
AV Node