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Ataxic Gait (Cerebellar Lesion)

  • This gait is also called as reeling. staggering. drunken gait
  • This type of gait is seen in patients with cerebellar lesion and alcohol intoxication
  • The patient is ataxic and reels in any direction, including backwards and walks on a broad base.
  • The unsteady feet are planted widely apart and placed irregularly.
  • The steps are uncertain, some are shorter and some are longer than Intended, and the patient tends to fall or deviate to the side of cerebellar lesion.
  • The ataxia is equally severe whether the eyes are open or closed
  • The patient finds difficulty in executing tandem walking.
  • Gait ataxia is seen in lesion of upper vermis and anterior lobe of cerebellum
  • Titubant ataxia - ataxic gait with vertical oscillation of head and trunk.