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How to examine an ulcer the OSCE guide

Local Examination
1. Expose adequately: use good light.
2. Inspect and note: (a) number (b) position (c) size (d) shape (el floor (0 edge (g) discharge (hi surrounding area for associated abnormalities.
3. Palpate and note: (a) tenderness (b) edge (c) base (d) mobility or fixity to the underlying tissue.
Perform Regional Examination
1. Lymph nodes enlargement.
2. Circulatory sufficiency (arterial pulse, varicose veins or lymphedema).
3. Nerve lesions.
 General Examination
Comments on: Any signs of ТВ. leprosy, syphilis, malnutrition or any other systemic disease.
The floor of the ulcer refers to the exposed surface of the ulcer. The base of the ulcer consists of the tissues on which the ulcer rests (felt by palpation).

These steps are very important for students preparing for USMLE and MRCP