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Tuberculoma may manifest as chorea

Chorea is defined as a syndrome characterized by abrupt involuntary movements
resulting from a continuous flow of random muscle contractions2. 
HIV and its complications are the most commonly reported infectious cause of chorea. 
In one study of 42 consecutive patients with non-genetic chorea, AIDS was the cause in 12% of the patients. 
Common  Infectious causes for chorea  are the following
·          HIV encephalopathy,
·         Toxoplasmosis,
·          Cysticercosis,
·           Diphtheria,
·           Bacterial endocarditis,
·           Neurosyphilis,
·           Viral encephalitis (mumps, measles, varicella) are the described causes causes.
There are only two case reports of striatal tuberculoma presenting as hemichorea so far in literature
Hence is the significance of our discussion