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Tricep jerk- a complete guide

Tricep jerk is an example of deep tendon reflex.
Method of elicitation of tricep jerk?
Place the patients hand over his chest with the elbow flexed.
Support the hand at the wrist by your left hand so that the upper limb does not fall on the bed. Suddenly tap above the olecranon process ie on the tricenp tendon 5 cm above the elbow (never tap on the muscle)
Observe the following response
  • Contraction of triceps 
  • Slight extension of the elbow.

Innervation  of Triceps Jerk 
Innervation of tricep jerk C7-C8
Nerve  -Radial nerve
What is Paradoxic triceps reflex: 
This consists of flexion instead of extension of the forearm following stimulation of the triceps tendon.
This response  appears when the arc of the triceps reflex is damaged
Occur  in lesions of seventh and eighth  cervical segments in such cases the stimulus calls forth a flexor response unopposed by the triceps muscle.
Paradoxical Triceps jerk is characterised by the following
  • Absent triceps
  • A flexion of forearm
  • It indicate a lesion at C7