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What is Oppenheim’s reflex?

It is a variation of Babinski's reflex
This is named after  Herman Oppenheim, German neurologist, 1858-1919
How to elicit oppenheims reflex?
A firm stroke with the finger and thumb is applied down either side of the .interior border of the tibia(shin of the tibia), greater pressure being applied to the medial side from below the knee upto the ankle with the knuckles of the examiner’s index and middle finger
Positive response is characterized by extension of the great toe and fanning of other toes

Clinical significance
  • It is a sign of pyramidal tract disease
  • The method of Babinski is probably the most sensitive and reliable method for elicitation of the plantar reflex, but may at times fail to do so or produce an equivocal response
  • These reflexes show a positive Babinski response when the reflexogenic area spreads up in the lower limb.
  • They may be useful in eliciting the Babinski response when the patients are uncooperative or in patients whose soles are extremely sensitive