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What is Chaddock’s sign?

The Chaddock reflex is a diagnostic reflex in neurology  similar to the Babinski reflex
It was identified by Charles Gilbert Chaddock in 1911.

How to elicit Chaddock’s sign /
The reflex is elicited by stroking  along the lateral aspect of the foot, below the lateral  malleolus from proximal to distal
Stimulation over the lateral malleolus causes the big toe of an adult to reflexively point upwards

Clinical significance 
  • This is a sign indicating damage to the corticospinal tract
  • Chaddock’s sign is similar to a Babinsky Sign
  • This sign may be useful in eliciting the Babinski response when the patients are uncooperative or in patients whose soles are extremely sensitive
  • This sign imply an increase in the reflexogenous zone and denote responses from different parts of the receptive field.
How does Chaddock’s sign differ from Babinski’s Sign?
Eventhough the response is similar site of stimulation is different .stimulation over the lateral malleolus, instead of the base of the foot is done in chaddok sign