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Pathway of plantar reflex

Pathway of plantar reflex is as follows
Afferent nerve for plantar response : Nociception detected in the S1 dermatome , travels up the tibial nerve to the sciatic nerve to roots of L5,S1 and it synapse in the anterior horn to elicit the motor response.
Efferent: Motor response back through the L5,S1 roots to the sciatic nerve to its bifurcation. Toe flexors are innervated by the tibial nerve. Toe extensors (extensor hallicus longus, extensor digitorum longus) are innervated by the deep peroneal nerve
The  loss of normal adult descending pyramidal control of the reflex arc to suppress extensor withdrawal results in the upgoing of toes in the plantar reflex  which is called as known as Babinski's sign.
Root value:
Root value of plantar reflex is si
Afferent & efferent nerve of plantar reflex:
The afferent nerve of plantar reflex = tibial nerve
The efferent nerve of plantar reflex is as follows
  • Tibial nerve for flexor response 
  • Peroneal nerve for extensor response.