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Finger flexion response

It is an deep tendon reflex of upperlimb .It is exaggerated in pyramidal ract lesion
Method of elicitation of finger flexion response

  • Allow the patient's hand to rest with palm upwards, the fingers slightly flexed
  • The tips of your middle and index lingers are placed across the palmar surfaces of the proximal phalanges of the patient s fingers
  • The examiner gently interlocks his fingers with the patient's and strikes them with knee hammer
  • A sudden tap on your fingers with the hammer on the palmar aspect of fingers  produces slight flexion of all fingers, but a very brisk contraction indicates hyperreflexia.

Innervation of finger flexion response
The root value of this reflex is C7 C8 T1

Nerve involved  - median and ulnar nerve

Clinical significance of fingerflexion response
There is no precise hand equivalent for the plantar response, however, the finger flexor reflexes can help demonstrate hyperreflexia in the upper extremities. .Alternatively, heightened reflexes can be demonstrated by the presence of Hoffmann's sign.