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Alternate methods to elicit the extensor plantar response

Extensor plantar response is an important localising sign in clinical neurology
Why alternative method to elicit extensor plantar response?
The most common method used to elicit extensor plantar response is Babinskis sign.Because the  Babinski method is probably the most sensitive and reliable method for elicitation of the plantar reflex, but at certain situations it fail to do so or produce an equivocal response. These reflexes show a positive Babinski response when the reflexogenic area spreads up in the lower limb.
The alternative reflex are useful in eliciting the Babinski response in those patients who are uncooperative or in patients whose soles are extremely sensitive .
Most of these signs imply an increase in the reflexogenous zone and they denote responses from different parts of the receptive field. When sufficiently facilitated, the reflex can also be elicited by other stimuli as well.
Other Methods of Obtaining the Plantar Reflexes