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Anemia of chronic renal failure

  • Anemia of chronic renal failure is normocytic normochromic, hypoproliferative anemia
  • The level of anemia correlates with the severity of underlying renal failure
  • The anemia is primarily due to a failure to produce adequate level of Erythropoetin and a reduction in red cell survival.
  • Patients usually present with normal serum iron, TIBC & ferritin levels
  • Erythropetin therapy is the mainstay of treatmentto improves anemia symptoms
  • Dialysis typically has little effect with regard to correcting the anemia.
  • Peritoneal dialysis (ambulatory) usually improves anemia while hemodialysis may cause an associated iron deficiency anemia
  • Iron deficiency anemia may however be seen in some patients with CRF who are maintained on chronic hemodialysis due to loss through the dialysis procedure.