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What is ausculto percussion?

  • This test is done to differentiate between enlargement of stomach due to pyloric obstruction  and acute dilatation of stomach
  • The diaphragm of stethoscope  is placed over the epigastrium and scratch the upperpart of abdomen with a finger pen or pencil in a centrifugal fashion downwards and sideways
  • Note the change In character of the sound and mark the individual points with a pencil downwards and sideways.
  • The pencil marks are joined to get the outline of distended stomach which will cross the umbilicus In patient with pyloric stenosis. 
  • This method is called ausculto scratch
  • In classical method of  ausculto-percussion. a doctor percusses the stomach centrifugally in the direction away fro the stethoscope while the other doctor listens the change in character of the sound