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What is dipping method?

  • It is done to palpate viscera in the presence of fluid in peritoneum.
  • Preliminary preparations of the patient are the same as done during palpation of liver. 
  • It is better to start palpation from right iliac fossa lor dipping method.
  • Place the palpating right hand over the abdomen and then tap the abdomen shaply and quickly. 
  • The sudden and rapid displacement of liquid will give a tapping sensation over the surface of the enlarged liver or spleen that is comparable to patellar tap
  • The sudden thrust displaces the liquid and the displaced liquid pushes ihc organ forward towards the palpating lingers. 
  • Many a time the full description of an organ is not possible by dipping method such as palpable or not. tender or non-tender, small or big lump. 
  • While palpating the spleen by dipping method, it is better to place the left palm over the left costal margin as done in the conventional method.