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Significance of examination of Skin over the abdomen

Examine for the following in the skin over abdomen
  • Moles, seborrhocic warts, angiomas (considered normal changes).
  • Scars
  • Haemorrhagic spots, marking for paracentesis abdominis (benzene stain or cotton scall)  parietal oedema, shininess etc.
  • Vesicle of herpes zoster – produces abdominal pain which mimic acute abdomen
  • Examine for Striae
  • Erythema Ab Igne - Is a brown mottled pigmentation produced by constant application of heat.
  • Pigmentation of midline below the umbilicusis the Linea nigra in pregnancy
  • Bruising over the periumbilicus and flanks noted  in hemorrhagic pancreatitis [Cullen's sign and Grey Turner's sign respectively).
  • Prominent superficial veins: Distended veins around umbilicus (caput medusae) signifies portal hyper tension, but this  is rarely seen.