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What is motor neuron disease?

Motor neuron disease is a terminal neurodegenerative disease
Motor neurone disease is suspected in the following condition
  • Progressive neurological illness
  • Incurable
  • Rare occurance
  • Group of related diseases
  • Motor neurones are affected
  • Patient usually present with upper and lower limb weakness, speech and swallowing difficulties and breathing difficulties
Every person develops the disease in a different way
Symptoms experienced by a given patient depends on the area of nervous system affected 
90% - 95% of people have the sporadic form. 5-10% have Familial.
This is an adult Illness with most people are over 50. Onset and progression of MND is variable.
Average survival is 2-5 years from onset of first symptoms. 
There is no cure but symptom management and medication   may improve quality or prolong life.
Individual lifetime risk is 1 in 400
Men affected 1.5 times as often as women