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Treatment of diarrhea

2.There is no restriction of food intake. Temporary milk intolerance may occur due to secondary lactase deficiency.
3.Antidiarrhoeal drugs such as codeine phosphate, diphenoxylate or loperamide should be avoided in moderate to severe diarrhoea because they will prolong the infection.
4..Racecadotril: It decreases hypersecretion of water and electrolytes into the intestinal lumen by preventing degradation of enkephalins. This  is a potent inhibitor of enkephalinase. This drug is given at a dose of 100 mg T1D in acute watery diarrhoea of either bacterial or viral aetiology. It is contraindicated in renal insufficiency, pregnancy, and breast-feeding state.
5.Antibiotic choice depends on the causative organism. A guideline to antibiotic choice is given below.
Pathogens                        Antibiotic
Salmonella                       Ampicillin. Cotrimoxazole, Amoxvcillin
Shigella                            Cotrimoxazole. Amoxycillin, 
Yersinia                            Tetracycline
Campylobacter                 Erythromycin, Tetracycline
Clostridium difficile       Vancomycin, Metronidazole
Giardia lamblia               Metronidazole. Imidazole
E. histolytica                    Metronidazole. Tinidazole. Secnidazole