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What are the causes of glossitis and angular stomatitis ?

Glossitis is seen in the following conditions
  • Riboflavin deficiency—Magenta-coloured tongue.
  • Iron deficiency anaemia.
  • Nicotinic acid or vitamin Bi2 deficiency—The tongue is red. swollen, painful and is known  as  'raw-beefy tongue'.
  • Folic acid deficiency.
  • Bald tongue (complete atrophy of papillae)— A finding seen in in severe iron deficiency anaemia
  • Median rhomboid glossitis— A lozenge-shaped denuded area in the middle of the tongue posteriorly. This  is a congenital abnormality and as it feels nodular, it should be differentiated from malignancy of the tongue.
Angular stomatitis
It is the inflammation of the skin at the angle of mouth.It is seen in following conditions
  • Excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or betel-leaf.
  • Improperly-fitted denture.
  • Iron deficiency anaemia.
  • Riboflavin, nicotinic acid and pyridoxine deficiency.
  • Herpes labialis at the angle of mouth.
  • Starvation or malnutrition.