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What is catacrotic pulse?

The normal arterial pulse is known as catacrotic pulse. 
  • It has a percussion wave (P wave which is the rapid upstroke in pulse)
  • Tidal wave (T wave). 
  • Dicrotic notch and dicrotic wave. 
In the peripheral arterial pulses, dicrotic notch and wave are not clearly discernible. 
The typical description of pulse is given below
  • The normal arterial pulse is 72 per minute  
  • Regular in rhythm 
  • Normal and equal in volume without any unequality between the two upperlimb or between the upper limb and lower limb
  • The arterial wall is normal not thickened or tortous 
  • Normal in character called as catacrotic pulse.
  • All the peripheral pulses are symmetrically palpable 
What is the normal character of pulse?
Normal character of the pulse is smooth upstroke, peak and a smooth down stroke.
What are the different characters of pulse?
1.Anacrotic pulse
2.Dicrotic pulse.
3.Waterhammer pulse.
4.Pulsus paradoxus.
5.Pulsus bisfcriens.
6.Pulsus alternans.
7.Pulsus bigemlnus.
The wavy pattern of pulse is not felt normaly since it is obliterated by the normal vascular tone.