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What are the clinical signs of vitamin deficiency ?

Vitamin A deficiency is manifested as 
1) Toad's skin - Follicular hyperkeratosis (phrenoderma).
2) Xerosis of the conjunctiva, Bitot's spot, xerophthalmia and keratomalacia.
3) Recurrent respiratory and gastrointestinal infection.
What are the signs of riboflavin (vitamin b2j deficiency?
1) Magenta-coloured tongue due to glossitis.
2) Cheilosis (cracks and fissures at mucocutaneous junction of the lip), angular stomatitis.
3.Seborrhic dermatitis (face, scrotum) with loss of hair.
4 Keratitis, vascularisation of cornea, corneal opacity, angular blepharitis.
What are the signs of nicotinic acid deficiency
]) Cheilosis, angular stomatitjs.
2) Red-beefy tongue—Red. swollen and painful tongue.
3.Dermatitis (PELLAGRA)—Specially seen on the exposed part of the body and is manifested as erythema and desquamation . There may be roughening and pigmentation of skin. Casals collar is pathognomonic  of pellagra it is the dermatitis in the neck
4.Dementia and delirium is seen in acute form
What are the signs of  pyridoxine (vitamin b6j deficiency?
Vitamin B6 deficiency is rare, it may produce :
Mild depression (in women taking oral contraceptive pills) 
Hypochromic anemia