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Appearance of rash in a febrile patient

This article shows temporal association of rash and fever
1st day fever -Chicken pox 
Rash appear in the first day of fever  vesicles are seen mainly in trunk, all forms of vesicles are seen at a time, no umbilication of rash is noticed
2nd day-Scarlet fever 
Rash is seen over chest, neck, scapula; mainlv macular in nature
3rd day - Pox (smallpox) :
It is not seen now-a-days. Rash is peripheral distribution and comes in sequence, umbilication of vescicle are noticed
4th day -Measles
In measles maculo-papular rash over forehead,hairline near ears, face and trunk is seen
5th day -Typhus fever
Macular rash over shoulders, chest, extremities, palms and soles are noticed.
6th day- Dengue fever  
Morbilliform rash  over dorsum of hands and feel, trunk called as white islands in red sea
7th day - Typhoid or enteric fever .
There is rose spots over abdomen, flanks and back: rash is pale-pink in colour and fades on application of pressure
What are the life threatening infection with skin rash
  • Meningococcemia
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever
  • Rickettsial fever - Rocky Mountain spottcfever
  • Septicemia-pseudomonas infection Ecthyma