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Anthrapometry -How to examine the stature of the patient ?

Anthropometry is the measurements of height (stature), weight, arm span, upper segment-lower segment ratio.
Following are the Anthropometry types 
Endomorphy - Soft rounded body where the digestive viscera dominate.
Mesomorphy - Muscles, bones and connective tissue derived from the embryonic mesoderm dominate.
Ectomorphy - Fragile, thin built with linearity or angularity is called ectomorphy.This is characterised by long narrow hands, long feet, shallow thorax, small waist and tall stature
What is stature?
Stature is defined as total height measured from vertex of head to the soles of the feet. It is a sum total of upper segment measurement (measured from vertex of head to the upper border of symphysis pubis) + lower segment measurement (measured from top of symphysis pubis to soles of the feet).
The relationship between upper segment measurement (from vertex to symphysis pubis) and lower segment measurement (from symphysis pubis to the heel) also varies with age as follows:
What is the Normal US: LS ratio 
Normal US: LS ratio is 1:1
Age - Uppersegment/lower segment
a. At birth=1.7:1
b. 3 years =1.4:1
c. 10 years=1:1
d. Adult  = 0.8:1
Infantile body proportions: US > LS height > arm span.
How to measure Arm span?
It is the distance between the tips of the middle fingers of the two hands, with both the arms held outstretched horizontally outwards from the body
According to the age the relationship between arm span and stature (height) varies as follows
Age-Arm span minus height (in cm)
0-7 years= -3
8-12 years=0
More than 12 years=+1 in females and +4 in males
What is build' or built' ?
It is the skeletal framework’ of a person in relation to his/her age and sex compared to a normal person
Build is classified into two groups:
I) Short stature
2) Tall stature (less common than short stature).
Dwarfism is a condition where the height of the patient is below 3rd percentile of normal population of same age and sex.
Tall stature height of the person is above 97th percentile of normal population of same age and sex.
Stature > Arm Span is seen in 
1. Adrenal cortex tumour
2. Precocious puberty.
This is because of early epiphyseal fusion.
Arm Span > Stature is seen in 
1. Eunuchoidism
2. Hypogonadism
3. Marfan's syndrome
4. Homocystinuria
5. Klinefelter's syndrome.
Upper Segment > Lower Segment is seen in 
1. Adrenal cortex tumour
2. Precocious puberty.
Lower Segment > Upper Segment is seen 
1. Eunuchoidism
2. Hypogonadism
3. Homocystinuria
4. Klinefelter's syndrome
5. Marfan's syndrome.