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Differential diagnosis of murmur based on site of auscultation

Mitral area : 
Causes of systolic mumur
          MR (Mital regurgitation)
          AS (Aortic stenosis)
Diastolic murmur
          MS (Mitral stenosis)
          AR (Aortic regurgitation)
Tricuspid area:
Systolic murmur
          VSD    (Atrial septal defect)
          PS (pulmonary stenosis)
          TOF (Tetralogy of fallet)
Diastolic murmur
Continuous murmur
           PDA (Patent ductuts artenosis)
Aortic area :
Systolic murmur
           AS (Aortic Stenosis)
Posterior thorax : Mitral regurgitation
Thoracic spine Coarctation of aorta