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What do you mean by Palpitation

Palpitation is the abnormal and unpleasant awareness of one’s own heart beat.
The causes of palpitation can be cardiac and non cardiac
Cardiac causes of palpitation are
1. Valvular heart disease
  1. Aortic regurgitation
  2. Mitral regurgitation
  3. Tricuspid regurgitation
  4. Mitral stenosis
  5. 2. Congenital heart disease
  1.  Atrial septal defect
  2. Ventricular septal defect
  3. Patent ductus arteriosus

3. Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
4. Atrial fibrillation
5. Ventricular ectopics
6. Brady arrhythmia
Noncardiac causes of palpitation are
1. Hyperkinetic circulatory states such as 
1.Severe anemia.
3.Arteriovenous shunt

2. Drugs can cause palpitation they are
  1. Sympathomimetics
  2. Vasodilators
3. Non organic causes are
 1.Excessive smoking.
3.Cardiac neurosis
4. Others are – Hypoglycemia and pheochromocytoma