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What are the types of abdominal reflex

Types of Abdominal Reflex
1.Normal abdominal reflex
2.Absent abdominals
3.Fatiguable abdominals
4.Exaggerated abdominals
5.Dissociated abdominals
6.Inverted abdominals
Absent Abdominal reflex is seen in 
1.Pyramidal tract lesion
It need not be absent in all cases
Reflex may be absent due to break in the reflex arc
Motor root
Sensory root
Peripheral nerve
3.Lax abdomen
4.Tense abdomen
Fatiguable Abdominals
Seen in subtle corticospinal tract lesion
Exaggerated Abdominal reflex is seen in
Dissociation of Abdominal Reflexes
Dissociation of abdominal reflex is seen In UMN lesion the superficial abdominal reflex is absent but the deep abdominal reflex is exaggerated.
Inverted Abdominal reflex
In inverted Abdominal reflex stimulation of the paralysed side of abdomen leads to contraction of the normal side so the umbilicus deviate to that side while the reflex is absent on weak side.
This is seen in seen in unilateral abdominal paralysis