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What are the signs of minimal Pyramidal lesion?

Minimal pyramidal signs can be elicited by certain procedures, they are extremely useful for early diagnosis of pyramidal dysfunction.Read this article for further information.

Melting Sign
To elicit melting sign patient is asked to keep both hands supine in the outstretched position the hand on the affected side will be in a lower position.This is a sign of minimal pyramidal lesion.

Pronator Sign
In patients with early pyramidal sign if they are asked to hold both hands supine in the outstretched position thre is involuntarily pronation of the forearm on the affected side

Pronator Drift
It is combination of the above two signs that is melting and pronator sign.

Abductor Digit Minimi Sign
To elicit this ask the patient to hold both hands in the outstretched position there is involuntary abduction of small finger on the affected side.

Fatiauable Abdominals
Abdominal reflexes disappear on prolonged stimulation

Pronator & Adductor Spasm
Increased pronator and adductor tone manifest as pronator and adductor spasm.