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What are the causes of aortic stenosis

Causes of aortic stenosis vary depending on age of the person.
Causes in young adults
-          Congenital valvular lesion
-          Congenital supravalvular lesion
-          Congenital subvalvular lesion
Middle aged persons
-          Bicuspid aortic valve
-          Rheumatic aortic stenosis
Elderly people causes are
-          Bicuspid aortic valve
-          Rheumatic AS
-          Senile degenerative AS
Other rare causes are
Familial hypercholesterolemia
The common causes of AS are the following
-          Rheumatic AS
-          Congenital bicuspid aortic valve
-          Aortic sclerosis
-          Functional AS

          Supravalvular AS may be associated with Elfin facies, mental retardation and hypercalcemia. Elfin facies include broad forehead, pointed chin, cupid’s bow like upperlip – upturnal nose, hypertension and low set ears.