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Pulse in aortic stenosis

Aortic stenosis is characterized by slow rising pulse with a delayed sustained peak.
          The pulse is called anacrotic pulse (pulses parvus et tardus) . If there is pulses bisferiens that rules out predominant aortic stenosis.
What is the significance of pulse in AS
          If there is normal pulse in adult <60yrs with a normal left ventricular function that rules out moderate to severe aortic stenosis.
What are the factors that affect pulse in AS
1.    Age.
2.    Hypertension.
3.    Hypovolemia.
4.    Left ventricular function.
5.    Presence of pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH).
6.    Mitral valve disease.
7.    Aortic regurgitation.
What are the factors that exaggerate the low pulse volume in AS
1.    Hypovolemia.
2.    Cardiac failure.
3.    Pulmonary artery hypertension.
4.    Associated severe MS (Mild stenosis).
What are the factors which will apparently normalise the pulse in AS
1.    Hypertension.
2.    Presence of aortic regurgitation.
3.    Elderly age.
4.    Young age.