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How to examine for Plantar Reflex?

Prerequisites for testing plantar response
Expose the dress up to the thigh
Then check the mobility of big toe
You should check the power of big toe
Fix above the ankle joint
Then apply firm non painful stimulus along the lateral border of the foot
Your stimulus should not cross the ball of the big toe
First check with knee extended later with the knee flexed-and finally apply pressure on the knee
You should check for the contraction of the quadriceps and hamstrings
Root Value of plantar response
 L5, S1
What are the fallacies in testing  plantar response
1 Extensor plantar response may occur if you stimulate the  the ball of the big toe because in adults at
the base of the big toe there is a small area of extensor plantar response .
2.Due to the contraction of the short flexors of the toes there is flexor response if you
Stimulate the margin of the foot from medial to the lateral side