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How to elicit the Abdominal Reflex

Prerequisites before testing the abdominal reflex
First palpate the abdomen to assess for the degree of relaxation
You should explain the procedure to the patient
Along the line of contraction of the muscle light non painful stimulus is applied
This stimulus should not be unpleasant one
Root Value
Root Value of upper,lower and mid abdominals varry
Upper abdominal —T6-T8
Mid abdominal   —T8-T10
Lower abdominal —T10-T12
Normal response of abdominal reflex
There is contraction of the abdominals
Deviation of the umbilicus to the side of stimulation is also seen
What are the fallacies of testing abdominal reflex?
I.Heavy stimulation of abdominal wall will result in a deep abdominal reflex this is often
exaggerated in a pyramidal tract lesion
2.Lax or tense abdomen will result in absent abdominals
3.Abdominal reflex are not always absent in multiple sclerosis
4.If the abdominal wall is lax, slight contraction can still be elicited by stimulation near the ribs as well as the inguinal ligament