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Describe the pulse in aortic regurgitation

The pulse in aortic regurgitation is called as Corrigans pulse or collapsing pulse.
1.    It has rapid upstroke.
2.    Rapid down stroke.
3.    ill sustained peak.
it is due to the
1.    Early diastolic reflux of blood into the left ventricle.
2.    There is low systemic vascular resistance.
Bisferien’s pulse may be seen in
1.    Moderate to severe AR.
2.    Moderate AR with mild AS.
What are the factors that affect pulse in AR
 Following factors may affect the pulse volume in AR.
They are
1.    Hypertension.
2.    Hypovolemia.
3.    Left ventricular dysfunction.
4.    Age of the patient.
5.    Associated aortic stenosis .
What are the factors that decrease the pulse volume
1.    Hypovolemia.
2.    Pulmonary artery hypertension.
3.    Left ventricular dysfunction.
4.    Associated valvular lesion – aortic stenosis.
What are the factors which increases the pulse volume in AR
1.    Hypertension.
2.    Elderly people.
3.    Young people

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