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Parts of Internal capsule

What is internal capsule?
Internal Capsule is a compact bundle of projection fibers (white matter) between caudate nucleus, thalamus medially and lentiform nucleus laterally.
It include 
Thalamocortical fibers
Corticothalamic fibers
Corticopontine fibers
Corticobulbar fibers
Corticospinal fibers
The fibers project from the cerebral cortex to the various nuclei of the extra pyramidal system (e.g.,the putamen and caudate nucleus).
This is a continuous sheet of fibres that forms the medial boundary of the lenticular nucleus.
Internal Capsule continues around posteriorly and inferiorly to partially envelop this nucleus.
Inferiorly, many of the fibers of the internal capsule funnel into the cerebral peduncles.
Superiorly, the fibers fan out into the corona radiata. Here, they travel in the cerebral white matter to reach their cortical origins or destinations.
The internal capsule is divided into 5 regions:
The anterior limb is the portion between the lenticular nucleus and the head of the caudate nucleus;
The posterior limb is the portion between the lenticular nucleus and the thalamus;
The genu is the portion at the junction of the above 2 parts and is adjacent to the interventricular foramen;
The retrolenticular part is the portion posterior to the lenticular nucleus;
The sublenticular part is the portion inferior to the lenticular nucleus.