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Origin and spread of cardiac Impulse

Cardiac impulse originate in SAnode then reach the AV node there is AV nodal delay SAN - AVN -Delay Conduction in the ventricle Depolarization - Start - Left side of interventricular Septum Moves to the right Spreads down to the apex Returns along the ventricular wall to the AV groove Last part of Depolarization: Posterobasal portion of the Lt.Ventricle, Pulmonary Conus, Upper most portion of the Septum.
Different cardiac rhythms Sinus rhythm is normal Nodal rhythm Idio ventricular rhythm Normal pacemaker SAnode Abnormal pacemaker (ectopic pacemaker) A pacemaker elsewhere than the sinus node. They produce arrhythmia Common abnormal pacemaker: AV node or Purkinje fibers Atrial or ventricular muscle.