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Angina classification

Braunwald’s classification of angina
Class I  - New onset of severe angina or accelerated angina; no rest pain
Class II - Angina at rest within past month but not within preceding 48 hr (angina at rest, subacute)
Class III- Angina at rest within 48 hr (angina at rest, subacute)

Classification based on clinical circumstances
A (secondary angina) - Develops in the presence of extracardiac condition that intensifies myocardial ischemia
B (primary angina) - Develops in the absence of extracardiac condition
C (postinfarction angina) - Develops within 2 weeks after acute myocardial infarction

Classification based on intensity of treatment
(1) - In the absence of treatment for chronic stable angina,
(2) - During treatment for chronic stable angina
(3) - Despite maximal antiischemic drug therapy

For Example
A patient with rest angina within 48 hrs with a defenite cardiac cause,not on treatment is classified as class III B 1